Saturday, January 14, 2017

Start the New Year Right!

As the New Year starts we always have these new year's resolutions that we ended up to be unresolved. This year nothing laid out in the table but all hopes for the best to myself and for everybody. I was grateful enough for all the blessings we had last year and hoping for this coming new year. That’s why we started the year last January 01, 2017 by giving back to others through our first Sunday of the month choir service mass at Wascana Rehabilitation Center. Because I believe through this simple way we can help others emotionally and spiritually and you just can’t imagine how much good it actually does for our own soul. Showing compassion to others sometimes the greatest gift we can offer especially to the sick people. May we all have a fruitful and meaningful New Year!!!

And as the saying goes "It's the thought that counts." "Ce est la pensee qui compte.".  Thanks to Karen the coordinator of all volunteers in Wascana Rehabilitation Center for appreciating our services throughout the 2016.  

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